A Taste of Aussie Life

A Taste of Aussie Life –

NTAS Air Adventure Guided Tours of Northern Australia.

Northern Territory Air Services – NTAS Air Adventures


Australia is a huge and diverse land of beauty and wonder. NTAS Air Adventures can provide guided tours of several areas of this vast continent, including guided tours and scenic flights of Northern Australia, which take you into the interior of this wonderful and fascinating place and travel through some spectacular changing landscapes into the Australian outback.

On most guided tours of Northern Australia is a trip to Mount Isa, a lovely mining town and then through Queensland and Carnooweal on  your way to the flat and interesting Northern Territory.Perhaps you’ll take a refreshing swim in the  aqua-coloured waters of the Mataranka’s thermal pool, hidden within a grove of tall, shady palm trees.


Following this stop, you’ll head back up north. As you travel, NTAS Air Adventure tours will take you on a cruise through the spectacular gorge systems of the Katherine Gorge and then it’s on to the fascinating Magnetic termite mounds, visible in the Litchfield National Park. Visitors can swim at the lovely Florence Falls before going back to civilization in the city of Darwin in Northern Australia.

In Darwin, NTAS Air Adventure tours will often have you stay at a luxury hotel and will show you the areas for shopping, dining and enjoying the nightlife at one of Darwin’s famous nightclubs.  Visit the museums and the historic early settlement in this Australian frontier city. Guided tours by open top bus of the city are available for those who wish to see what Darwin is all about.  
Next, NTAS Air Adventure tours will head east to the famous Kakadu National Park, truly one of Australia’s most lovely wilderness refuges.  In the park, you’ll see the Nourlangie Rock which reveals original aboriginal art from thousands of years ago and you’ll be visiting an aboriginal site where these people have lived for more than 40,000


To really “see” Australia’s finest, NTAS Air Adventures can take you on a Yellow Water Billabong Cruise, where you can snap pictures and catch sight of Australia’s many crocodiles, snakes, dingos and other water life easily found in the Kakadu region.

Another favourite spot for NTAS Air Adventure guided tours of Northern Australia is the Manyallaluk Aboriginal Cultural Center where you’ll see how the native peoples lived and continue to live today.  Demonstrations show you how to throw a spear and create fire the natural way.  This center is run by the indigenous peoples themselves so you’ll get a really authentic experience.  There are places to shop for aboriginal souvenirs. 

NTAS Air Adventures guided tours always stop at AliceSprings—often for a couple of days. One can visit the Western MacDonnell mountain ranges, where one can see the Ochre Pits, Simpson’s Gap or hike the Ormiston Gorge. There are also many places to eat authentic Australian food.  
http://ntas.com.au/ http://ntas.com.au/
NTAS Air Adventure Guided tours of Northern Australia take  you back to the aboriginal life and help you explore the Australian Outback in ways few people have been able to do.  The sights and attractions are many and it’s a great trip for the whole family.

and begin enjoying your Northern Territory experience of a lifetime.

Group discounts and other membership benefits available!



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